Table Restoration Pictures


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Before start of work

Another view of original piece

Closeup of Table Top

Before work Starts

Initial Disassembly of Leg Supports

Closeup of Leg Supports

Opposite End Leg Supports

Sanding - Paint Removal

Planed - Leg Supports

Leg Supports Warped

Bottom View of Original Table

Redesign Plan for Leg Supports

Partially Planed Leg Supports

Partially Refinished Table Top

Closeup Table Apron

Other Corner Table Apron

Table Apron

Tiered Table Apron for More Support

Closeup Tiered Apron Corner

Partially Assembled Tiered Apron

Securing Leg

All Legs Planed and Attached

Outer Apron to Tabletop

Other Corner Table Apron